“When I met Brianna, I immediately felt comfortable around her. She helped us for 5 weeks following the birth of our first child. I had a c-section with no family around to help. Recovery was tough and I would not have been up and about so quickly without Brianna’s visits. She was a very positive, caring female presence in a time when I needed it the most.

She provided advice, listened to my daily woes with a non-judgmental ear, helped with household chores and cooked nutritious food. When she left after each visit – our home was tidy, I had eaten and caught up on drinking water and most importantly I had a renewed sense of confidence that I was going to be okay and our baby was doing well. I would highly recommend Brianna to anyone looking for a post-partum doula“ 
— R and D, parents of Baby S

“I would like to start by saying that there are not enough great things I can say about Brianna. Not only is she caring and compassionate, she is also thoughtful and intelligent. She is always prepared for the session with information and resources for extra support, if needed.

When our wedding anniversary arrived, she was able to handle my newborn and toddler confidently enough that my husband and I were able to have a wonderful date night. Brianna was prepared with arts and crafts materials for my daughter and my daughter had a great time! For this alone, we would have been forever grateful. 

Brianna also encourages and helps us to use her time wisely. Sometimes, it is hard to know what you need when you’re feeling tired and frazzled all the time. Brianna will assess the situation and make suggestions as needed. She also provides references to resources that might be helpful and is always on the lookout for other helpful things in the area. 

The thing I love most about Brianna is her compassion. She understands how hard it can be with a baby. I had an emotional meltdown at one of her sessions and she listened to me vent and work through what I needed to work through. She was not only sympathetic, but more importantly, not judgmental. She often lets me chatter on and on and I really appreciate her allowing me to the opportunity to have an adult conversation. 

Brianna was a calm, loving presence in our chaotic life and was a grounding, pragmatic influence. We are so lucky to have had her in our lives.” 

J and A, parents of Baby A

“Brianna Burton is definitely a one-of-a-kind doula. She goes above and beyond her job description to make sure you feel cared for, supported, and informed with many resources to help fertilize your minds in your new transition of parenthood. She is definitely one that does not look into this career for the money, but genuinely has a deep passion to cultivate new families and see mothers supported and nurtured the way babies are and can be. I would recommend Brianna as a Post partum doula to every single mother without hesitation. I believe every mother would benefit greatly in hiring a doula-- especially a doula like Brianna.”

K and C, parents of baby J

“Working with Brianna was an absolute dream. Brianna came to our home and did an infant care class with by husband and me, as well as 5 post-partum sessions. The infant care class helped us feel prepared to bring our son home by arming us with knowledge of all of the basics of caring for a newborn. Both of us had very little experience with babies being the first on each side of our families to have children. Brianna approached all of the material in a way that made it fun, easy to follow and absorb. I also really appreciated that she created an open environment in which I felt I could ask any questions I needed, even if they might have seemed a bit obvious or, dare I say, stupid. As she says, there are no stupid questions! After the class, I felt prepared with a good foundation of information, but also confident to take on the surprise challenges of a newborn. 

 The post-partum sessions with Brianna were also beyond helpful. I always looked forward to her arrival and she was great at surveying the apartment and jumping in to do things that needed to get done, without me even asking. She was an endless source of information and resources for everything we needed - and even things we didn't know we needed! She arrived at each session with a smile, a hug and a calming, yet enthusastic nature. I had a difficult recovery from my C-section and Brianna was sensitive of this. She was fantastic with my baby and made the first couple of weeks with our newborn that much easier. n just five short sessions, she became a friend and even part of the family.

 I would highly recommend Brianna to anyone who is considering a doula or infant care education. You will be so glad you let her into your home, heart and lives!” 

K and J, parents of baby E

"I would highly recommend Brianna (aka Bri) for postpartum doula care. Bri has a special gift for nuturing mothers! Her care goes beyond physical needs and touches upon the deeper needs that a mother may have. She assisted our family by providing resources related to breastfeeding, a schedule to help with time management (which is important when you have both a toddler and a newborn), home organization and facilitated in bringing harmony to our family as a mediator. She has a compassionate heart and a peaceful presence. Bri offers a holistic practice of postpartum care. For our family, Bri was more than a doula--she was a true friend."

C and C, parents of Baby Z