Gifts for New Parents


What is the best gift to get New Parents? Give them something practical to help them through the first few weeks! There are two wonderful gift options:

Postpartum Doula Care Session --- $120 per session : Give parents one 3 hour session of postpartum doula care. I can help provide them with practical tools to get them through the first trimester like babywearing, soothing techniques, and breastfeeding assistance.  Other forms of assistance are mentioned on the Spectrum of Services page.  Sessions must be booked before week 37 of pregnancy. More than one session can be booked (up to three depending on availability). The earlier you book the better your chances for open availability.

Postpartum Care Kit --- $35 each.  Need a unique but practical gift for a mommy-to-be? Send someone a postpartum care kit full of essentials for the first few weeks of parenthood.  Items include perineal cold packs, perineal cleanser, loofah, maxi pads, sleep mask, lanolin tubes, witch hazel wipes, journal and pen. All kits come with inspirational message. (Ships within U.S. only.)